Heel Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes – Shoe Pads Filler for Too Big Shoes- Men & Women

These non-slip Heel Inserts are sold as a set of 4 pairs, including 3 pairs in nude and 1 pair in black colour to match the main colours of shoe linings.
Aยดs Choice Shoe Sizers can be used with work, party high-heels, wedges, boots, athletic, running, flat and sports shoes by both women and men. They can also be cut to suit any size of a smaller shoe with ease.
The adhesive used for these Heel Liners ensure it can be easily attached and removed from your shoes, just like a liner or insole, without causing any damage.
The fabric and padding materials used in the Heel Cushion Inserts are long-lasting, soft and secure. The inside of the heel cushions is made from a silicone type gel. The slightly fluffy, non-slippery surface, on the other hand, will ensure that your foot stays exactly where it is meant to be better than with the sleek materials.
If you have one foot bigger than the other, using a heel cushion insert can help you make the shoe smaller and fit your foot better. These Back Heel Pads will also give the added comfort of a silky-soft heel cushioning for your feet.
Heel Cushion Inserts are a true-life saver and can make the difference between a short trip out, and a long-lasting day at leisure without needing to worry about dealing with pain.
Pamper your feet and click Add To Cart -button now. Your feet are worth it!
We offer a No Questions Asked โ€“ Money Back Guarantee, so there is no risk for you.

If your shoes already fit you perfectly, with no additional room for movement, adding an insert might make it too tight.
The lining of the shoe needs to be clean of dirt and greasy stains or otherwise the adhesive will not work properly. The strong adhesive reactivates after washing in warm water.

๐Ÿ‘  STOP YOUR HEEL SLIPPING โ€“ Fluffy, anti-slip fabric of the Shoesizer provides more friction.
๐Ÿ‘ฃ NO MORE BLISTERS โ€“ Heel Cushion Inserts have a soft padding to protect your feet against abrasion.
๐Ÿ‘Ÿ ONLY SHOE PADS YOU NEED โ€“ Shoe Filler suits various shoe types, are easy to apply and reusable.
๐Ÿ’ต 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE โ€“ Buy with confidence. If any concerns, you will be answered in 24 hours.

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